Composting at Christmas


Tis the season to be jolly, and to compost! Christmas is one of our favourite times of year. We love catching up with everyone, watching Christmas movies and enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner. We always compost our vegetable peelings, which got us thinking about what else we could compost at Christmas.

We found some top tips, so we’ve got them here to share with you!

  • You can compost all vegetable peelings and other things in the kitchen like teabags, coffee grounds, paper towels and eggshells. Even uneaten carrots that the reindeers didn’t finish can go in!
  • Wrapping paper and gift tags can be scrunched up and added to the compost. If the paper is made from plastic film or heavily decorated with glitter then it is best to leave them out.
  • Paper napkins, Christmas crackers and party hats from your Christmas table are also good compost ingredients.
  • Cardboard packaging from Christmas toys and gifts will add fibre and structure to your bin, leave out the twisty tags though!
  • Decked the halls with sprigs of holly and fresh festive wreaths? They can go into the compost heap.
  • If you’ve got a real tree you can compost that too. Just make sure to take the decorations off first! To speed up the composting process, chop it into pieces.

A white Christmas might not be on the cards this year, but these tips will help your Christmas be green at least! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a fun-filled New Year!

The GreenSax Team.

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