Granny’s top tips for May

Most people remember listening to their Grandmother and their many words of wisdom, so we recounted some of our Granny’s top tips for all things home and garden related.

  • My Granny on buying lemons: ”If it feels light, don’t buy it. Fresh citrus fruit is meant to feel hefty in your hand!”


  • My Granny on ripening fruit – “Pop the fruit you want to ripen into a paper bag. It traps the ethylene gas in there and makes it ripen quicker!”
  • My Granny on meat – “Keep meat, poultry and fish in the shop bag it came in and put it in the fridge. Wrapping and rewrapping simply gives bacteria more opportunity to get in and out of the packaging.”
  • My Granny on the sun – “On a sunny day, put a white wash on. The sun will naturally bleach the wash and make them brighter.”
  • My Granny on ironing – “Never iron over buttons, always go around them. Nobody wants melted buttons on their clothes!”
  • My Granny on eggs – “If you drop an egg, don’t panic! Pour some salt on it and leave it to absorb. Then you’ll be able to scoop it up.”
  • This is the time of year that ants like to invite themselves inside. My Granny used to mop the floors with a solution of hot water, lemon and white wine vinegar to discourage them!


  • My Granny on window cleaning – Give windows a sparkle after cleaning by buffing it with some newspaper.
  • My Granny on animal hair – Use a rubber squeegee to get pet hair out of the carpet. Saves on hoovering!
  • My Granny on house plants – Use a banana skin to clean houseplants. The dust clings to the skin and the juice nourishes the leaves.
  • My Granny on sunburn – “Put some aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray and freeze. It’s extra soothing for sunburn!”

aloe vera cubes

  • My Granny on window streaks – When cleaning windows, wipe horizontally inside and vertically outside. An easy way to spot streaks!
  • My Granny on protecting pot plants from animals – simply put some cinnamon sticks in the plant pots. Animals don’t like the smell and won’t come near the plant.
  • My Granny on shirt collar stains – Just before putting your shirts into the washing machine, rub the collars with some white chalk which is renowned for it’s cleaning properties.
  • My Granny on storing bed linen – “Store bed linen sets inside one of their own pillowcases. Saves lots of time and energy!”


  • My Granny on bathroom smells – Place an opened box of baking soda behind the toilet to absorb nasty odours.
  • My Granny on labels – “To remove a label, simply use some vinegar and rub into it. It’ll vanish in no time!”
  • My Granny on losing ear-rings – “Put a popsock or tights on the hoover nozzle. You’ll find it in no time!”

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