Compost with ease, garden sacks that compost on your heap, in your bin or at the recycle centre!

Little Sophia Walsh whose dad Russell and uncle Garrett created and launched the heavy duty compostable garden sacks


We launched our new compostable garden sacks this week.  We are delighted to add to our GreenSax compostable range with a natural edition of the heavy duty garden sacks.

We took the kids up to the park to take a few pictures to publise the launch, the girls loved the modelling, mugs of hot chocolate and buns were the negotiated price! Hope you like the pictures, added them below.

When we were putting together the information for distribution we discovered over 36,855 tonnes of home composting is created each year with an additional 63,836 tonnes of organic and garden waste going into the brown bin*.

We knew there was a more environmentally positive and easier way to collect handle and transport the garden waste to your compost heap, brown bin or Recycling Centre that would also breakdown during the composting process.

Our heavy duty Garden Sacks are made from natural materials from renewable resources and breakdown completely within days during the composting process leaving no negative impact on the compost end-product. Perfect for both home composting and the brown bin.

Over 30.5% of the annual black bin waste is made up of organic and garden residual waste, (incorrect waste in the wrong bin)*, our hope is that the introduction of the GreenSax Garden Sacks helps reduce this waste, removes the tonnage from landfill and in the long term leave a stronger impact on the environment for the generations ahead.

If you want to buy them our garden sacks come in packs of 3 and are currently available in Woodies and Dunnes throughout the country at a recommended retail cost of €3.99, hoping to get them across more stores.  If you fill out the linked form here we will try and stock them on your local shelf!

The best thing is that the full GreenSax range can now be used across the home compost and brown bin. The bags and sacks help with the smells, stops the attraction of flies and rodents to the heap and is a benefit to the environment.

We are lucky to be in a position to help our family business and the environment and we thank you for your support. Your purchases are helping an Irish company, keep Irish jobs and if it isn’t too much of a pun helping us grow along the way!

This is us! Garrett and Russell Walsh the men behind the compostable bags and sacks. We really hope you like them.Russell and his daughters Isabelle, Charlotte and Sophia

Added note: 25th May

We are now sponsoring the very popular The Sod Show on DublinCityFM. Delighted to do so. We really like what Peter and Brian are doing. You should check it out, great Friday afternoon listening and learning.  We will tell you more about it when we can.

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