Recycle your old phonebook into a cool seed bed!


Hi again everyone, hope you’re enjoying all the fun projects on our Facebook page.

As you know, or perhaps you don’t, we’re all about giving back to the earth. Recycling, composting and eco friendly products are our bread and butter!

So when we saw this project we knew we’d have to share it with you!

With the popularity of the internet, people don’t seem to be using their phonebooks as often. Why not upcycle it and turn it into a cool seedbed?

We’ll show you how, all you’ll need is:

  • An old phone book
  • A knife
  • Soil (and perhaps some compost from your compost bin?)
  • Some lovely new seeds waiting to be planted


  1. First cut some holes into the phonebook, going in sections as deep as you can into the pages. Mind your fingers!
  2. Fill the holes with some soil and compost.
  3. Put the seeds into their new environment.
  4. Water and watch them grow!

The beauty of this is that the phonebook will completely biodegrade, and by the time it does, the seeds should be budding nicely and be ready to go elsewhere! Instead of throwing out your phonebook or leaving it in a drawer somewhere, why not give it a new lease of life?


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