How to make your own Eggshell Seed Starters

When we saw this project, we knew we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! So we’ve found out how to make eggshell seed starters and we’ll show you how to make some of your own at home.

So why make an eggshell seed starter?

  • The entire eggshell starter pot is biodegradable.
  • Eggshells contain important minerals such as calcium which are great for your soil.
  • Starting seeds in a container gives you a huge headstart in your garden, you can keep them inside too for an extra boost!
  • Sprouted seeds tend to be stronger when planted
  • Plus, if you regularly eat eggs, then this is a low cost way to sprout seedlings!

What you need to make your own eggshell seed starter:

  • seeds
  • eggshells
  • egg carton
  • potting soil
  • spoon
  • a needle or thumbtack
  • knife
  • pot and stove
Right, so now you’ve got all the things you’ll need, let’s get to work!
  1. Using the thumbtack or needle, prick a small hole in each egg. Carefully make a hole so you can drain the egg.
  2. Empty the egg content into a bowl, maybe have a tasty omelette for lunch?
  3. Wash the eggshells and boil them for approx three minutes to remove any bacteria. Leave them to air dry.
  4. Put the eggshells back in their box and fill each 2/3 full.
  5. Place a seed into each egg. Keep the soil moist, put the eggbox in a sunny area and let nature take it’s course!
  6. For the final step, it’s time for the seedlings to head out into the world! Dig a little hole and place the eggshell and seedling into the ground. Squeeze the eggshell until it cracks to let the soils mix.
So there you have it! A simple and ecofriendly way to give your seedlings a headstart! How will your garden grow?
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