Houseplants that clean the air in your home!

Spending more time indoors due to unpredictable weather? Us too! Most people know that plants and trees clean our air, but which houseplants are best to have in your home for this purpose?

We’ve put them on a handy list for you, see how many you have or recognise:

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is brilliant for use on burns but the plant itself also removes formaldehyde from the air.

2. Boston Fern

This is meant to be one of the best air purifying plants, it also removes formaldehyde and is a natural humidifier.

3. English Ivy

This is known for removing the chemical benzene, a known carcinogen found in cigarette smoke, from the air. It also removes chemicals such as detergents, pesticides etc. A must have if anyone in the home is asthmatic!

4. Gerbera Daisies

This plant is also great at removing benzene, a known cancer-causing chemical. It also absorbs carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen overnight, which is said to improve your sleep! Make sure to put it somewhere that gets lots of light.

5. Rubber plant

These houseplants clean the air by emitting high oxygen content, and purifies indoor air by removing chemicals.

6. Corn Cane

An excellent all rounder for cleaning the air and removing chemicals. It thrives with low light and low water.

7. Moth Orchid

Said to remove formaldehyde commonly off-gased from paints, solvents and other synthetic materials and  VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Give it as much light as possible!

8. Chrysanthemum

Very effective at removing benzene, trichloroethylene (found in solvets and cleaners), formaldehyde and ammonia. This plant loves lots of water and partial sun.

9. Peace Lily

This plant is also known for removing benzene. It’s also said to remove mould spores in the air, making it great for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Easy to care for, it likes a lot of water and indirect light.

10. Spider plant

An excellent all rounder and helps remove formaldahyde, carbon monoxide and other toxins or impurities in the air. It likes lots of light and water, it would be perfect on a windowsill or patio.

They’re our top 10 plants for cleaning the air in our homes, what are your favourites?

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