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Cutting back on plastics

  Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. That comes out to over one million per minute! In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to eliminate plastic from our lives entirely, if you would like to try … Continue reading

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Spooky Skeleton Hands

  We are getting closer to Halloween so we’ve decided to show you a spooky project for you to try at home. Today we see how to make spooky illuminated skeleton hands! You will need: Latex gloves Permanent marker Rechargeable … Continue reading

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World’s First 100% Compostable Shoe

  Here at Powergreen, we love revolutionary eco-friendly products so you can imagine our excitement when we came across this one! Introducing, the world’s first 100% compostable leather shoe! Once the shoe has reached the end of its life cycle, … Continue reading

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Binning it. Compostable bagging the only route to proper waste disposal.

Compostable binning – is responsible binning for you and streets and paths around you. Bad waste will end up no where other than under our feet. Look out for our GreenSax compostable bags on a shelf near you or fill … Continue reading

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Garlic I just love it. Don’t you?

You don’t tend to get kissed having eaten it, you won’t get bitten if you wear it, it helps cure the common cold and “they say” can help reduce cholesterol. I think people fall in to a love it or … Continue reading

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It’s in the bag! GreenSax sponsors The Sod Show on Dublin City FM.

  It was suggested to us recently we should look at sponsoring The SodShow, on community radio station Dublin Cityfm.  Familiar with the show and one of the presenters Peter Donegan, we thought the suggestion worthy of some serious consideration. … Continue reading

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Compost with ease, garden sacks that compost on your heap, in your bin or at the recycle centre!

  We launched our new compostable garden sacks this week.  We are delighted to add to our GreenSax compostable range with a natural edition of the heavy duty garden sacks. We took the kids up to the park to take … Continue reading

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Brown Bin waste… Where does it go and what happens to it?

  GreenSax (Liz) went to visit Johnstown Recycling Centre in Mullingar to find out what happens to the brown bin waste when it is collected from your home or business. This began as a discovery into what happens to plastic (i.e. … Continue reading

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Compostable bags? What is the benefit? (Brown Bin Waste is valuable rubbish!)

Compostable bags? What is the benefit? Many people are, understandably, confused about compostable bags and what makes them different to plastic bags.  To us, the answer is simple but that’s because we make them!  Imagine, if you will, there are … Continue reading

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Would you like GreenSax on the shelves where you shop?

We would like to think that people are starting to notice GreenSax. We hope you know we are the compostable brown bin liner and we really hope you know that the brown bin can ONLY use compostable bags. We also hope … Continue reading

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