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Granny’s top tips for May

Most people remember listening to their Grandmother and their many words of wisdom, so we recounted some of our Granny’s top tips for all things home and garden related. My Granny on buying lemons: ”If it feels light, don’t buy it. … Continue reading

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Funny pictures for April

This month we decided to have some fun and share gardening pictures which made gave us a chuckle. After all, laughter makes the world go round! Which ones put a smile on your face?

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DIY Biodegradable Seed Starters

  Spring is officially here! Here at Powergreen, the garden has well and truly sprung back into action. Now is the time to start planting lots of different things in your garden. If you’re a fan of starting things from … Continue reading

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A Valentine’s treat for our feathered friends

Today is a day of showing someone that you care about them. Be it a card, flowers, chocolates etc. For the day that’s in it, we’ve decided to treat our feathered friends to a Valentine’s day treat! These heart shaped … Continue reading

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Upcycling in the garden

  Recycled, Repurposed, UpCycled, Freecycled, or whatever you like to call it. Giving old items a new lease of life and using them to decorate your garden has soared in popularity! Here at Powergreen, we love to see innovation at … Continue reading

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Winter Gardening Tips

  There is definitely a chill in the air, your garden has gone into a dormant phase, so what can you do to keep your garden in order during the Winter months? We’ve picked up a few tips to share … Continue reading

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It’s OK to compost – The Big List!

  This month we’ve been compiling a list of everyday household items that are OK to compost. Don’t worry if you’ve missed any, we’ve got them all on a list below: Stale Cereal Pizza box Cotton balls Paper cupcake cases … Continue reading

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Composting Q&A

  This month we’ve been focusing on composting and what’s OK to put into your composting. There’s so much information out there about composting that it can get a bit confusing! What’s ‘brown’ organic matter? How do I ‘turn’ compost? … Continue reading

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Our Autumn Gardening Tips

  We were only saying the other day that the year seems to be flying by. We’ve already seen Christmas decorations for sale in some shops and Halloween hasn’t even passed yet! With the leaves starting to fall from the … Continue reading

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Powergreen in Dublin: Scalp Wood Nurseries

  A new month brings a new garden centre! The leaves are turning golden-brown so we’re inspired to bring some colour into our garden. We spoke to Joseph McMahon at Scalp Wood Nurseries, Kilternan, Co. Dublin, to find out what’s … Continue reading

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