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Our Green Cleaning Tips

Last month we were busy compiling a list of all natural and green cleaning tips for around the home. The time for spring cleaning is almost upon us and we were pleasantly surprised by how much can be done with … Continue reading

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Upcycling in the garden

  Recycled, Repurposed, UpCycled, Freecycled, or whatever you like to call it. Giving old items a new lease of life and using them to decorate your garden has soared in popularity! Here at Powergreen, we love to see innovation at … Continue reading

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Cutting back on plastics

  Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. That comes out to over one million per minute! In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to eliminate plastic from our lives entirely, if you would like to try … Continue reading

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World’s First Biodegradable Mouse

  Here at Powergreen we love sharing innovative and eco-friendly  products with you. So you can imagine our excitement when we discovered the world’s first biodegradable mouse! Fujitsu has created the world’s first entirely plastic-free, biodegradable computer mouse. Substituting renewable … Continue reading

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Brown Bin waste… Where does it go and what happens to it?

  GreenSax (Liz) went to visit Johnstown Recycling Centre in Mullingar to find out what happens to the brown bin waste when it is collected from your home or business. This began as a discovery into what happens to plastic (i.e. … Continue reading

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Composting. What happens to GreenSax bags?

They break down. Unlike biodegradable which following years of processing break down to leave shards of plastic in our soil, GreenSax compostable bags return to the earth as compost. We will be putting up a post on a recent visit … Continue reading

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