GreenSax is a PowerGreen product and another example of our innovation at work. This is an Irish engineering and development company, which has been operating from two locations in Dublin and Wicklow since 1992. We develop and manufacture a range of compostable products which are sold in Ireland, Europe, USA and Australia.

PowerGreen specialises in putting the power of nature to work in your home, garden and workplace through advanced products like GreenSax. All our products are made from natural materials derived from crops and our research and development department is constantly looking for new ways to replace harmful products with completely natural alternatives.

It is a knowledge-based company, focusing on research and development and is driven by the founders’ engineering backgrounds to bring to the marketplace innovative products made from renewable resources that are environmentally friendly.

GreenSax compostable bin liners were launched on the Irish market in 2005 and is the leading brand in both the domestic and commercial markets.

Our other products include GreenStake ( biodegradable landscape stakes, MossOff ( chemical-free moss and algae remover.

The products are sold all over the world and our customers include Aviva Stadium, Croke Park, Wembley Stadium, Dublin Convention Centre, Real Madrid FC, Glastonbury Music Festival, John Deere Group, Augusta National (USA), St Andrew’s (Scotland) and Sun-Corp Stadium (Brisbane).