Here are the answers to the questions we get asked most often:

Can I use GreenSax in my brown food waste bin?
Yes. GreenSax are 100% compostable bin liners and are specially designed for the new brown food waste bin to keep them clean and odour-free. When the brown bin is collected, the organic waste is taken to a composting facility where the food and garden waste along with the GreenSax liner breaks down into compost in 10-45 days. This compost is used in agriculture and gardening.
Will the GreenSax liner keep my brown bin clean and odour-free?
Yes. The GreenSax liner will hold everything, including liquids. Be careful when putting pointed objects such as twigs in there so that they do not pierce the liner.
How do GreenSax liners work?
GreenSax are 100% compostable. They are made from totally natural materials derived from crops and do not contain any petrochemical plastics. They line your bin, keeping it clean and odour-free until the next bin collection and will not breakdown before the bin is emptied. When your brown bin is emptied and brought by the waste collector to the composting facility, the food/garden waste along with the GreenSax liner is broken down by microbes within 10-45 days and turned into compost.
Can I use “biodegradable” bin liners in my brown bin?
No. Most “biodegradable” bin liners contain petrochemical plastics, such as Polyethylene (PE), which do not break down at the composting facility and contaminate the process. Generally, Biodegradable liners contain +90% petrochemical plastic (PE) with an additive that causes them to fall apart into smaller pieces of plastic over a long period of time, when exposed to sunlight and the atmosphere. However, these smaller pieces of plastic, although usually not easily visible to the eye, remain in the environment for many years.
Can I use plastic bin liners in my brown bin?
No. Plastic liners are made from petrochemical plastics, which do not break down at the composting facility and contaminate the process.
Will a GreenSax bin liner break down in my brown bin before it is collected?
No. Don’t worry about a GreenSax liner breaking down in your bin before your next bin collection because the ambient temperature in your bin is not high enough to cause the fast breakdown of a GreenSax liner as happens at the composting facility.
How long can I store GreenSax liners for before using them?
GreenSax liners will store indefinitely until used, if they are kept in a dry place.
Can GreenSax bags be put into my home composter?
Yes – They will breakdown by the same process as at the composting facility. The only difference is that they break down more slowly due to the lower temperatures in your home-composter, which slows microbial activity.
Are GreenSax liners certified as compostable and comply with EU Standard EN13432?
Yes. All GreenSax liners have been accredited with the OK COMPOST MARK which certifies them to be fully compostable in accordance with the EU Composting Standard EN13432.